Practical Application: Market Orientation vs. Sales Orientation Infographic

Instructor: Amanda Robb
This infographic will help you remember the main principles of a market orientation. After a quick review comparing market versus sales orientation, we'll get into the infographic and explain how the visuals relate to the content.

Market Orientation and Sales Orientation

Have you ever noticed how two companies might present similar products, but only one ends up being successful? This is in part due to their view of the market. As you read in the lesson, Market Orientation and Sales Orientation: Definition and Differences:

  • a market-oriented company focuses on the consumer's wants and needs, creating innovative products that fill a need in their life.
  • a sales-oriented company only focuses on producing products that consumers already buy in hopes of making a profit.

So what are some of the characteristics of a market-oriented approach that make it different from a sales-oriented approach? A market-oriented approach involves:

  1. Satisfactory products
  2. Customer trust
  3. Realistic prices
  4. Product information
  5. Consumer voice

Here's an infographic to help remind you:



The first difference between a market and sales orientation is that market orientation always produces products that are satisfactory to their customers. When a person buys that product, they know exactly what quality to expect.

Second, market-oriented companies have high levels of trust with their customers. When they say a product will be released on a certain day, it is. When loyalties are promised, they are delivered. Customers know that a verbal or written statement from the company will be followed through.

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