Practical Application: Preparing for, Conducting & Contributing to Productive Meetings

Instructor: Tara Schofield

Tara has a PhD in Marketing & Management

A productive meeting requires effort and planning. As you consider how to have a successful meeting, consider three key issues: preparation, conducting, and contributing.

Productive Meeting Checklist

When conducted properly, meetings can be a great tool in enhancing communication and building teamwork. However, a poorly managed meeting can waste time, create chaos, and cause team members to feel frustration or anger towards coworkers.

To refresh yourself on the components needed for a successful meeting, review the lesson Preparing, Conducting, and Contributing to Productive Meetings. If you are conducting a meeting, take the time to review the following checklist and take necessary steps to have a successful discussion.

Checklist for Meeting Preparation:

Create an Appropriate Agenda Check if
Items to review
New issues to discuss
Time and length of meeting stated

Define the Meeting Objectives Check if
Purpose of meeting
Outline meeting objectives
Define desired outcomes

Invite the Right People to the Meeting Check if
Identify who should attend
Review list to ensure the right people are included
Invite participants and include agenda

Choose the Right Time Check if
Determine length of meeting
Check schedules of participants for availability
Invite participants

Prepare Information Check if
Prepare all notes, data and research for meeting
Anticipate and prepare responses for questions

Checklist for Conducting the Meeting

Be an Effective Leader Check if
Facilitate the meeting
Listen and ask questions
Invite participants to actively contribute

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