Practical Application: Rating Your Coaching Skills

Instructor: Laura Leftwich
What type of coach are you in the workplace? In this asset, you'll be asked to assess yourself and then get a look at some of the most common coaching fails and how to recognize and avoid them.

What Kind of Coach Are You?

How would your coaching skills, or the ability to provide feedback and guidance to a team, be rated if put to the test? Answer this quick, four-question quiz to rate your own coaching abilities:

1. Do I clearly articulate goals and objectives to my team or employee?

2. Is there an adequate level of trust between me and my team members or employee?

3. How encouraging and supportive am I of my team members or employee?

4. Do I provide the necessary resources or access to necessary resources to help my team members or employee be successful in what they're trying to accomplish?

Fatal Flaws of Failed Coaches

Why did we choose to focus on those four questions in the self-assessment above? Because they represent four of the most common 'fatal flaws' that workplace coaches encounter when trying to coach successful teams and employees. Let's break down each one by explaining how to recognize these problems and avoid them before they become a bigger issue.

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