Practical Application: Self-Assessing Workplace Stress

Instructor: Natalie Boyd

Natalie is a teacher and holds an MA in English Education and is in progress on her PhD in psychology.

Workplace stress is ubiquitous. How can you know if your stress levels are healthy or too much? What can you do about them? This self-assessment will help you identify sources of stress and create a plan to deal with them.

Workplace Stress

Everyone feels stress sometimes. But when do you know if stress is too much for you?

Stressors, or things that cause stress, can come from many places. In the workplace, they can come from feeling overwhelmed or underappreciated or having interpersonal conflicts with others. For more on the types and sources of workplace stress, see the lessons Stress in the Workplace and Examples of Stressors in the Workplace.

Once you have a handle on different types of workplace stress, check out the lesson Consequences of Stress at Work to find out more about the symptoms you might develop as a result of having too much workplace stress. Then fill out the stress self-assessment below.


Instructions: Fill out the self-assessment below. In the comments column, note anything you can think of about the severity or frequency of symptoms.

stress self-assessment


Now that you've filled out the self-assessment above, look back through it. What patterns do you see? Which items did you score high on? What types of things did you note in your comments section? Pay attention to anything that pops up more than once.

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