Practical Application: Skill & Personality Assessments for Virtual Employees

Instructor: Amanda Robb
In this scenario, we'll be learning how to apply skill and personality assessments for virtual employees. Here, you'll analyze the results of a fictional test and help a manager place an employee in the most relevant role.

What Are Skill and Personality Assessments?

Personality assessments can be used in the private sector to determine the strengths and weaknesses of a candidate as well as his or her personality traits. This approach can be useful in placing employees in the correct role for them, particularly for virtual teams that need to increase their levels of self-awareness and self-reliance. As you read in the lesson, Skill & Personality Assessments for Virtual Teams, personality assessments can be an excellent tool for virtual managers. Let's look an example of a personality assessment in action.

Personality Assessments in Real Life

Zane is a manager of a virtual team responsible for developing a new online teaching platform for a university. He needs to interview candidates for the team and place them in the most appropriate role. Zane decides to use a personality assessment to help him place the new team members. But which one should he us?

Zane knows his team will have to work together closely and combine their skills to make their project work. Since the assignment requires teamwork, Zane decides to use the total strength deployment inventory (TotalSDI). This personality assessment looks at the strengths of each potential member of a new team. The results can then be used to build a complementary team, where each member contributes a particular strength.

Zane administers the TotalSDI to four potential employees: Rebecca, Margarita, Jose and Chad. He then analyzes the results.

Assessment Results

Rebecca has strong social skills and is good at communicating. However, she was weaker in areas that involved spatial organization and planning.

Margarita had nearly the opposite results. Although she was shy and less communicative, she was excellent at time management and planning.

Jose showed high marks in emotional regulation and was easily able to deal with challenging tasks without becoming frustrated. He also showed strengths in communication.

Lastly, Chad's results showed that he was good at managing the big picture and organizing deadlines.

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