Practical Application: Social Media Networking Checklist

Instructor: Yuanxin (Amy) Yang Alcocer

Amy has a master's degree in secondary education and has taught math at a public charter high school.

Use this checklist for social media networking. Check off items to make sure each social media network is being utilized to its full potential. Also, check items to ensure proper use of each network.

Social Media Networking Checklist

Meet Peter. He's the owner of a small print shop. Peter uses social media networking to meet other professionals in the industry and to find better customers than standard (and more expensive) advertising. It also helps Peter build loyalty from his current group of customers.

Here is a checklist for social media networking that can be used to take full advantage of all the tools and services social media provides for networking. It's divided into sections, one for each social media network. Find the section that applies to you and then go through the checklist to ensure the platform is being put to the best use.


Check Item
Use company logo as icon
Connect LinkedIn with other networks
Join groups related to your business
Actively participate in groups by posting relevant posts and comments
Post content related to the business that customers and potential customers will find interesting


Check Item
Create lists to categorize followers to allow for sending specific messages to specific groups
Connect Twitter with other networks
Add the Twitter feed to company website
Follow those related to the business along with customers
Post quality and useful content
Add relevant images
Use appropriate and trending hashtags
Post tweets when followers are most likely to be on Twitter
Tag partners when appropriate
Post regularly such as every day or every week


Check Item
Join groups related to the business
Become an active member of joined groups by posting questions and answering and commenting on other posts
Keep posts and comments relevant to the business
Avoid posting or making personal comments
Create a group if one doesn't already exist for that subject
Post regularly such as every day or every week


Check Item
Join communities related to the company
Participate in joined communities by offering useful content
Organize business posts into collections by separating posts into themes
Post regularly such as every day or every week


Check Item
Included appropriate hashtags
Converted account to business account
Add location, link, and contact information in bio
Post relevant images such as specials, customer reviews, and store photos
Respond to messages in a timely manner
No personal photos posted


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