Practical Application: Steps of the Selling Process Infographic

Instructor: Amanda Robb
Generating revenue is the backbone of any business. This infographic will help you remember and apply the steps for the personal selling process that are necessary to generate revenue.

What Are the Steps of the Selling Process?

All businesses require revenue. One way to generate revenue is through the personal selling process. As you read in the lesson Personal Selling: The Steps of the Selling Process, personal selling is the process a salesperson needs to go through to sell a product. There are seven main steps in the selling process:

  1. Generating leads
  2. Qualifying leads
  3. Approaching the customer
  4. Developing solutions
  5. Handling objections
  6. Closing the sale
  7. Following up

A good way to remember these steps is through visual representations in an infographic. The infographic below shows the seven steps of the selling cycle, or selling process.

selling process infographic


To generate leads, the salesperson must find people who are potentially interested in their product or service. But not all of these people will actually want to buy what the salesperson is selling. The next step is to sort through those leads and qualify them, or decide which ones actually are interested in making a purchase.

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