Practical Application: The Seven Influence Tactics Used in Organizational Behavior

Instructor: Mary Matthiesen-Jones

Mary has worked around the world for over 30 years in international business, advertising, and market research. She has a Master's degree in International Management and has taught University undergraduate and graduate level courses .

People use and are exposed to power every day in the workplace. In organizations people employ different tactics to persuade others or promote a project. Using this scenario, practice applying your knowledge of the seven influence tactics commonly found in organizations.

Understanding the Seven Influence Tactics

Whether we're applying for a new job, trying to persuade someone to take a specific approach to solving a problem, or selling something, the use of power comes into play. In the lesson The Seven Influence Tactics Used in Organizational Behavior, you explored seven different power tactics.

This chart outlines the most common ones.

Power Tactic Description
Legitimacy Power based on status or rank
Rational Persuasion Power based on expertise, experience, and logic
Inspirational Appeal Power based on values and goals
Consultation Power based on rewards or coercion
Exchange Power based on giving something desirable in return
Personal Appeal Power based on loyalty and friendship
Ingratiation Power based on getting someone in a good mood before asking for something

Identify the tactic used in the following scenario. Is it the best one for the specific situation?

Choosing the Best Influence and Power Tactics

Angela, a medical doctor also trained in environmental science, is in charge of new product development at the Good Water Company. Her goal is to develop a low-cost reusable water filter for people in emergency situations, such as after natural disasters, to make water safe to drink. She's assembled a team that includes scientists and chemical engineers to work on the project. The younger team members are excited about the project because of its humanitarian possibilities.

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