Practical Application: Understanding Employee Behavior

Instructor: Yuanxin (Amy) Yang Alcocer

Amy has a master's degree in secondary education and has taught math at a public charter high school.

Gain valuable insight into employee behavior with the aid of the assessment questions in this practical application. Also, valuable strategies for analyzing the results will be discussed.

Employee Behavior

When it comes to employees, not all things are black and white. When an employee seems to slack off at work, it may not necessarily mean the employee doesn't want to work anymore. Any number of things can lead to this type of behavior. Perhaps, the employee has problems on the home front that is affecting her work. Or maybe the employee has just received some really bad news from his doctor. The problem may even come from the workplace itself. Perhaps other coworkers are bullying the employee so the employee doesn't feel capable of doing the work.

When issues arise, the ability to fully understand employee behavior is important so that misunderstandings don't result in unnecessary negative actions on either the part of the employer or the part of the employee. As for determining the root cause of issues in understanding employee behavior, the responsibility lies mainly with supervisors and managers.

Use the following assessment questions to help understand employee behavior and get to the bottom of any issues that arise.

Assessment Questions

  • Did I rely on my intuition?

Intuition is not always right and can sometimes lead to a wrong answer. An employee who always seems upset and sad to be at work may seem to not like working at the company any more based soley on intuition. But the real answer may be that the employee is having relationship issues with either their family or a significant other. Supervisors and managers should not rely purely on intuition to make decisions.

  • Have I performed a systematic study of the situation?

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