Praxis Writing Practice Essay Topics

Instructor: Clio Stearns

Clio has taught education courses at the college level and has a Ph.D. in curriculum and instruction.

As you prepare to take the Praxis writing test, it can really help to practice writing essays in the allotted time frame. This lesson offers some practice topics for you to work on as you get yourself ready.

Preparing to Take the Praxis

The Praxis test can be the one thing standing between you and a teaching license, and this lesson is here to help you pass it! One of the most important sections of the test is the writing section, which requires you to write two different essays. One essay will be an argumentative or persuasive essay, and the other will be informational. You will have 30 minutes to write each.

In both cases, it will be important to use your time wisely, to plan your essay using a sensible and logical structure, and to back up all your ideas and arguments with evidence. It's also crucial to leave some time to revise and edit your work before submitting it.

One of the best things you can do to make sure you're ready to take the Praxis writing test is to practice writing essays. The prompts in this lesson will give you a chance to practice your time management and writing skills.

Argumentative Essay Prompts

The essay prompts in this section will focus your attention on writing argumentative essays. Make sure you use evidence to support any arguments you put forth.

  • Should children be allowed to bring cell phones to school? If so, at what age? If not, why not? Use as much evidence as you can to support your assertion.
  • Many people think that teacher education programs should do more teaching of classroom management. Others think that teacher education programs should focus on content knowledge. Explain which you think is more important and why.
  • Which community members do you think should start taking more responsibility for improving public schools? How and why should they do this?
  • Explain whether you believe it is important for teachers to remain informed of current events. Use specific evidence to justify the argument you're making.
  • Do you believe that people of all ages should be allowed to buy cigarettes? Explain why or why not, using evidence.
  • Agree or disagree with the following statement: It is important for students who are learning to read to have access to books in their homes as well as at schools.
  • Do you think that high school students should be allowed to discuss controversial social and political topics in schools? Argue 'yes' or 'no' and explain why or why not.
  • Agree or disagree with the following statement: The current movie rating system is too strict and should be loosened up.

Informational Essay Prompts

Informational or explanatory essays will ask you to make sense of a particular source or idea. This section offers some topics that will help you practice informational essay writing.

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