Predicate Nouns Games

Instructor: Matthew Hamel

Matt has degrees in Journalism and Business and has taught a variety of courses at high schools and universities around the world.

As students learn more about English grammar, it can be helpful to incorporate informative and entertaining games into a lesson. This lesson provides teachers with predicate noun classroom games for students of varying ages.

Predicate Nouns Games

Predicate nouns can be confusing for learners of all types. Therefore, it's important to provide students with a basic definition and examples before using the games in this lesson. To begin, write the following definition and examples on the blackboard:

  • A predicate noun or noun phrase (also known as a predicative nominative) renames the subject of a sentence and comes after a verb. A predicate noun can also provide more information about the subject. Predicate nouns can be pronouns.
    • Laura likes playing volleyball because she is tall (she is the predicate noun that renames the subject Laura).
    • The company president likes to introduce herself to all new employees (herself is the predicate noun that renames the subject company president).
    • The food I like best is noodles (noodles is the predicate noun that renames the subject food).
    • A leftover is extra food (extra food is the predicate noun phrase that provides more information about the subject leftover).

Predicate Who?

In this group game, students will identify the predicate noun or noun phrase in a sentence by answering a question. For example:

Sentence: Mrs. Jones is a great teacher.

Question: Who is Mrs. Jones?

Answer: A great teacher (predicative noun phrase):

Divide the class into small teams. Write the following questions on the board, then instruct each team to write an appropriate question and the answer based on the example:

  1. Soccer is the world's most popular sport.
  2. A tennis ball is my dog's favorite toy.
  3. Bill, who is a great artist, almost never shows his work.
  4. Karen tried to play fair, but the other player cheated her.
  5. The CEO was considered by many to be a business genius.

Predicate Who? Answers

You can either collect the teams' questions and answers for review or ask for team representatives to share answers with the entire class.

  1. Question: What is soccer? Answer: The world's most popular sport (predicate noun phrase)
  2. Question: What's a tennis ball? Answer: My dog's favorite toy (predicate noun phrase)
  3. Question: Who is Bill? Answer: A great artist (predicate noun phrase)
  4. Question: Who is Karen? Answer: Her (predicate pronoun)
  5. Question: Who is the CEO? Answer: A business genius (predicate noun phrase)

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