Preparing for & Taking a Proctored Exam

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Cassandra Wright's proctored final exams are the gateway for you to pass your course and earn transferable college credit. This lesson will help you understand when you're ready to take an exam, how to study for it, and what the technical requirements for an exam are.

Knowing When You're Ready

Before you can access the proctored exam for your course, you'll need to achieve 100% course progress. This means that you'll need to pass every lesson quiz in your course. You can track your course progress on either the individual course home page or from the My Course tool on your dashboard. When you've accomplished this, your course progress bar will show 100% completion and you'll be able to access the proctored final exam.

Preparing for the Exam

Being able to access the exam, however, does not necessarily mean you're ready to take it! Before you choose to start the exam, you'll want to make sure you've exhausted all of the options that offers to help you study for the test. In addition to the lesson quizzes that help you study as you progress through your course, offers three other tools to help you prepare:

  • Flashcards
  • Chapter exams
  • Practice exams


The final chapter in your course outline is designed to help you study all of the material you covered in the course. In this chapter, you'll find sets of flashcards that correspond to each chapter from the course and cover the material from that particular chapter. These interactive flashcards allow you to quiz yourself on important key terms and concepts as many times as you'd like. For each card, you can determine whether you 'got' or 'missed' the correct answer, and then review all of the cards that you missed to strengthen your knowledge.

Chapter Exams

You can find chapter exams for your course by clicking on the Exams tab from your course home page. Within the Exams tab, you'll find a list labeled Practice Chapter Exams that contains the title of each chapter in the course. Next to these chapter names, you'll see a button labeled 'Take Exam.' When you click on this, you'll begin an exam that consists of 30 questions that cover the material from the chapter you selected. You'll have as much time as you'd like to complete the exam, and the score is not factored into your final grade. These exams are simply designed to help you review and reinforce your knowledge of the course material to help prepare you for the proctored final exam.

Practice Final Exam

While you're in the Exams tab, you'll also see a section labeled Practice Final Exam. If you click on 'Take Exam' for this option, you'll begin a 50-question exam that covers all of the material from your course. There is no time limit for this exam either, nor will your score affect your final course grade. This practice exam is designed to mirror the proctored final exam as closely as possible, so the type of questions you see here are likely to match the difficulty and type of questions you'll see on the proctored final. We highly recommend taking your practice final exam to familiarize yourself with the set up.

Registering for and Taking the Exam

Now that you're fully prepared to take the exam, you'll need to know how to access it. If you're on your laptop or desktop computer, then you'll notice a new button appear on your course overview page that says Take Proctored Final. You'll only see this when you access your course from a computer, though, as proctored exams are not currently available on mobile devices. When you click on this button, you'll begin the process to register for and begin the exam.

The initial step in registering for the exam will consist of taking a short exam readiness quiz. You'll need to watch a short video that covers the steps you'll need to take to register for the exam as well as a list of dos and don'ts to remember while you're taking the exam. After you pass the exam readiness quiz, you can begin the four-step process to register for and take the exam.

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