Preparing to Deliver Your Speech with PowerPoint

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Natalie Boyd

Natalie is a teacher and holds an MA in English Education and is in progress on her PhD in psychology.

After spending a lot of time making PowerPoint slides look good, many people forget that preparation is only the beginning. In this lesson, we'll look at tips for how to present a PowerPoint speech, including important slideshow commands.


Marti is excited. She's been asked to present her research to a group of people at a conference. It's her first time, and she's nervous. Marti thinks that she should incorporate a visual aid into her presentation. She's heard that visual aids can keep the audience engaged and help them remember the presentation better.

One common visual aid is slideware, or software that allows a person to create a series of slides with information and images on them. The software PowerPoint is the most famous brand of slideware, though there are others.

Marti has created slides to go with her presentation at the conference, but she's a little nervous. What if something goes wrong? How can she be sure that her presentation will be as good as it can be? Let's look at some things that Marti should do before and during her speech to help make sure that her slides enhance her presentation and do not detract from it.

Before the Speech

Marti has her PowerPoint presentation ready for her speech. She's made slides with the most important points on them and lots of visual aids to help make her presentation the best it can be. But there are still a few things that she needs to do before the presentation.

First, Marti needs to check the slides to make sure that they include the correct information and that they are free from all grammatical and spelling mistakes. While she's checking the slides, she should also make sure that all images work well and that everything looks as smooth as possible.

Marti should also make sure to practice with PowerPoint. Many people practice their speeches aloud but forget to practice speaking and using the slideware at the same time. Marti should run through her presentation several times with the PowerPoint slides so she knows when to change from one slide to another.

On the day of her presentation, Marti will also want to arrive early to check the room and equipment. She'll want to make sure that the computer and projector are working, that she can pull up her PowerPoint on the computer, and that all seats in the room have a good view of the slides.

What if something goes wrong? Well, that leads us to another thing that Marti should do ahead of time: develop a backup plan. Marti should have a plan for what to do if the technology doesn't work or something happens with her slides. For example, she could print the slides out and use them as handouts for people to follow along if she can't project them.

During the Speech

So far, Marti is feeling pretty good about her presentation. She's checked her slides, practiced her speech with her PowerPoint, checked the room and equipment, and developed a backup plan in case they don't work.

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