Preposition Activities & Games

Instructor: Sharon Linde

Sharon has a Masters of Science in Mathematics

Do students in your classroom need to learn prepositions and prepositional phrases? Use these games and activities to reinforce taught skills in a fun way.

Prepositions and Prepositional Phrases

Learning about prepositions and prepositional phrases can be confusing for some students, but like they say, practice makes perfect! Use these games and activities for whole group, guided groups, partner or independent learning.

I Like to Move It

Make several task cards with prepositions written on them, such as between, behind, under, etc. Include a cute image to make the game fun, if desired. You can create the task cards for this game using index cards or a document creator.

Ask students to stand next to their desks, then pull a task card. Display on a shared reading device, or read aloud. Students demonstrate their understanding of the preposition by 'doing' the word; if the task card reads 'behind,' they stand behind their desks. Play as a whole group a few times to start, then place the task cards in an area students have access to for independent or partner use.

Where Is Annie?

Choose a class mascot, such as Annie the Alligator. Purchase or ask for a donated small stuffed animal, then think of a cute name. Each morning before students arrive at school, move your mascot to a secret spot. At some point during the morning, ask 'Where's Annie?' Students who have found her take turns using prepositions to describe her location until all students see; for example, 'Annie is behind the plant,' and 'Annie is under the lamp.' For added fun, re-hide at recess and play again for an afternoon session. Allow students to hide and recover the mascot as a center game.

Card Games

Create two sets of task cards for the prepositions your students need to know. Students can use the task cards to play several card games:

  • Matching - Instruct students to mix cards up and place them all face down on a table or carpet. Students take turns flipping two cards; if they match, they keep them. If not, turn cards back over and play moves on.
  • Old Maid - Place one outlier 'Zonk' card in the stack. Students distribute 5 cards to each player. When a student gets a match, they remove them. To play, students remove a card from another player's hand, trying not to get the Zonk card. The last player with the Zonk loses.
  • Go Fish - Students place all cards in the center of a table or on the floor, then each draw 5. Remove pairs; then take turns asking another student for one of the cards they have. For example, a player may say 'Debbie, do you have 'behind'?' If the answer is yes, Debbie must give the card to the asking player. If the answer is no, Debbie says, 'No, go fish!' The student then fishes a card from the pile. The first player to go out wins.

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