Prevention & Treatment Programs for Marijuana Abuse

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  • 0:01 Marijuana Abuse Background
  • 0:40 Marijuana Abuse Prevention
  • 1:45 Treatment
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Jennifer Williams

Jennifer has taught various courses in U.S. Government, Criminal Law, Business, Public Administration and Ethics and has an MPA and a JD.

In this lesson, we will learn about the prevention and treatment programs for marijuana abuse. We will discover what effective prevention options exist and what treatments are available after addiction.

Marijuana Abuse Background

Cannabis, or marijuana, is shown to worsen a person's health after long-term use. There have been numerous prevention and treatment programs set up around the U.S. to deal with this growing dilemma. Users that use marijuana for a long time may become drug dependent, which creates a physical or emotional need for the drug.

The goal of communities has become assessing risk factors for an individual's potential dependence before they actually become addicted. If a person is identified as having a higher risk, prevention becomes important.

Marijuana Abuse Prevention

Education on the drug has been found to be the most important in preventing marijuana's abuse.

Schools and the government have become involved with teenagers who have consistently been coming to school late or who are truant , students who skip school without permission, because when academic performance falls, many teens tend to turn to illegal drugs, like marijuana. The goals are to boost self-esteem and assist with academic support.

Education in the community on risk factors also helps individuals to take steps to prevent those they know from turning to marijuana use. Making certain that those with mental health issues are taking their medications, engaging with those who are anti-social, and obtaining anger management training for those with aggression issues makes great strides in preventing someone who is struggling from turning to drug use.

Additionally, education on marijuana's long-term physical and non-physical effects has played an important role in preventing those with risk factors against using the illegal drug in the first place.


If a person is already addicted to the drug, then it is time to consider treatment.

One method of treatment for marijuana dependency is an in-patient treatment center. At this type of center, an addict resides inside the facility while receiving treatment for marijuana abuse. In-patient treatment centers include medication and therapy. This is beneficial because it removes the addict from the temptation of others in society that they were using with and the stressors of day-to-day life that may feed into an individual using.

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