Professional Development Activities for Marketing Professionals

Instructor: Elissa Vaughn

Elissa is a professional content writer with a certification in inbound marketing, BA in history, and a decade of experience in retail sales and marketing.

Marketing is a competitive industry that forces current professionals to adapt quickly. To stay ahead of the pack, professionals should invest in opportunities to develop and strengthen their skill set. In this lesson, we'll discuss four development strategies marketing professionals can use to grow their careers.

Professional Development

Your professional marketing career is not unlike your school career. You have to perform well to advance to the next grade, and if you don't put in the work, you risk falling behind. Like school, choosing not to advance your skills may set you back in your professional career as well, especially in such a dynamic industry as marketing.

To illustrate the importance of professional development, let's follow Donna, a marketing professional in the healthcare industry. Donna is a project coordinator and decides to develop her professional skills to advance her career. Let's explore the three development strategies Donna is using.


To keep up with the latest internet marketing trends, Donna attends a 3-day seminar on digital marketing strategies in the healthcare industry. Seminars are conferences designed to develop professionals or discuss new ideas. Donna's seminar agenda includes the following topics:

  • Day One
    • Mobile Marketing Trends and Strategies
    • Healthcare Website Design
  • Day Two
    • Brochures and Pamphlets
    • Developing Sales Centers
  • Day Three
    • Marketing Analytics
    • Marketing Budgets

Every day, Donna attends a series of lectures, luncheons, and hands-on activities to learn more about these topics. Not only did she grow her knowledge base, she met fellow professionals, which increased her social media network and business leads.

Continuing Education

In addition to her seminar, Donna is also taking the following night classes to improve her professional skills.

  • Copywriting
  • Market Research
  • Data Analysis

This is also known as continuing education (CE). Continuing education classes are designed for adults and working professionals that have already graduated high school or college. Furthermore, CE courses can be taken at night or on the weekend, making it easier to go back to school with a full-time career in tow. By adding a wider variety of skills to her repertoire, Donna improves her current position and chances for a promotion.


As it turns out, Donna's CE classes are also transferable to a marketing certification program. Donna already has a degree in graphic design, but what she really wants is to boost her resume with a professional certification. But why?

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