Professional Literature for Teachers: Trends & Resources

Instructor: Joanna Harris

Joanna has taught high school social studies both online and in a traditional classroom since 2009, and has a doctorate in Educational Leadership

This lesson plan will benefit any teacher looking for professional literature recommended by library media teachers to encourage reading for information, pleasure and lifelong learning, and it highlights trends in library media services.

Library Media Teachers

Library media teachers are not your typical librarian. The library media teacher is a certified librarian, teacher, and information specialist with a wealth of knowledge to pass along to students and teachers. This important position could be described as a 'Jack of all trades' for campuses lucky enough to have a library media specialist that is skilled, certified, and well-versed in their profession.

Library media teachers can provide literature resources to teachers that will enable them to encourage lifelong learning and reading for pleasure with their students. Following are some sources for literature and media trends for library media teachers to pass along to teachers to accomplish these two goals.

Professional Literature

The American Association of School Librarians (AASL) is a professional association for school librarians that provides professional literature on a wide variety of topics of interest for teachers and librarians. They publish a report each year that library media teachers can provide to classroom teachers with a section geared to education and lifelong learning. In this report, classroom teachers can find information about programs they can implement in their own classrooms that have been successful across the country in encouraging students to be lifelong learners.

A library media teacher could also provide a classroom teacher with information from other sources used by library media teachers to encourage lifelong learning. For example, I Love Learning is a website for library media teachers filled with literature on lifelong learning and its benefits that can be used by classroom teachers with their students. The site provides literature on the importance of lifelong learning, information about programs across the country that teachers can take part in that encourage lifelong learning, and data that teachers can use to determine the best programs for their classroom.

Scholastic Library is another source of literature that library media teachers can pass along to classroom teachers that has information on how to encourage students to read for pleasure. This publication is provided to most school libraries, allowing librarians and teachers to work together to encourage students in their reading choices. For example, their 'Research Foundation Paper' entitled School Libraries Work has a wealth of information about the value of the library media teacher, along with information about ways they can work with classroom teachers to encourage students to read for pleasure and enjoyment.

21st Century Trends in Library Media

Library media teachers need to remain up to date on resources and media trends. There are new trends in technology that a library media teacher should be aware of to pass along to classroom teachers to use with their students.

Streaming video inside classrooms to reinforce curriculum and instruction is a new trend that library media teachers can help a classroom teacher with. A library media teacher would have information and useful tools to help a classroom teacher learn and effectively utilize new streaming video sources like Facebook Live, Periscope, and Meerkat. The library media teacher would be able to make the best uses of these services to attract the most students, as well as broadcasting streaming times through their media services and allowing students to use their media libraries to access the video when it streams. They could also serve as a guide for a classroom teacher who is nervous about the ethics of using this kind of new technology with their students.

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