Project Management Leadership: Styles & Importance

Instructor: Brianna Whiting

Brianna has a masters of education in educational leadership, a DBA business management, and a BS in animal science.

Have you wondered what kind of leader you are? Do you have a style? In this lesson, we'll learn the importance of choosing a leadership style while fulfilling the role of project manager. We'll also look at some more common types of styles.


Most of us have had a boss at one time or another. Sometimes, a boss can feel like part of the team, always trying to help out. Other times, he or she can be very distant or even a bit scary to approach or work with.

With the first boss, you can probably guess the atmosphere of the work environment. You'll likely have employees who like their jobs and feel supported. They have a leader whom they feel they can turn to if they need guidance. Chances are, productivity is good, and the turnover rate is probably minimal.

But with the second boss, you might imagine a much different working environment. Employees might not like, or feel like, going to work. They certainly don't feel comfortable asking for help, and because of that, it's likely that efficiency is less than it should be.

When we look at both leaders, we realize the importance of leadership styles and how they affect both the environment and employees. In this lesson, we'll look more in depth at many styles of leaders, specifically those in project management.

Basic Definitions

Before we can look at the different leadership styles, let's first define a key term: project manager. A project manager is an individual assigned to use skills and knowledge to help oversee and guide a project from start to finish. Project managers generally lead a team of employees who help complete the project.

Leadership Styles

The leadership style that a project manager employs can have a great impact on whether he or she successfully leads a team. Let's look at some of the leadership styles project managers might use.

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