Promethean Board: Lessons and Activities

Instructor: Sharon Linde
Smart teachers recognize the value of technology in the classroom. The Promethean Board can add to engagement and learning. How do teachers use the Promethean board to teach? Let's take a look.

What is a Promethean Board?

A Promethean ActivBoard is an interactive whiteboard used in classrooms for enhanced learning. The Promethean whiteboard utilizes three main parts to work properly: the whiteboard, the projector and a computer. The board can be mounted to the wall and looks much like a traditional whiteboard. The board itself is interactive; students and teachers can touch the screen much like a tablet. The device includes a set of pens and an eraser to use on the screen as well. Students and teachers can use them to write on or over projected material.

The Promethean ActivBoard
promethean board

The projector connects to a laptop or computer and displays material from the computer onto the Promethean whiteboard. Teachers can show students video, graphics or documents - virtually anything they can pull up on the computer can be displayed on the Promethean ActivBoard. How are these awesome tools used in classrooms? Let's take a peek into Mr. Martin's room, where a new Promethean was installed last year.

Promethean Whiteboards in the Classroom

Teachers like Mr. Martin who are lucky enough to be equipped with a Promethean ActivBoard likely use them every day. Mr. Martin has his installed front and center, and he focuses mini-lessons around the resources available on the board. What kinds of instructional lessons go on in Mr. Martin's room?

  • Mr. Martin uses his Promethean to provide visual representations of lesson content. In math, he can show a three-dimensional model. In social studies, he can connect with students in other countries and show maps of their towns. He can also share pictures of characters in a book and show a slide from an electronic microscope. In general, anything that can be viewed on a computer can be shared on the Promethean ActivBoard.

A student uses the Promethean whiteboard to participate in an in-class activity.
promethean board

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