Promotion's Role in the Marketing Mix: Strategy & Success

Instructor: Tara Schofield

Tara has a PhD in Marketing & Management

Promotion is an exciting and critical part of ensuring a product's success. As one of the four marketing mix elements, promotion is an important part of a marketing plan when releasing a new product.

What is the Marketing Mix Strategy?

When planning a launch or marketing strategy for a product, there are four Ps, areas that need to be considered. The Ps include Place, Product, Price, and Promotion. A thorough plan includes all four aspects to ensure all aspects of a product is considered.

Let's imagine you are ready to release a new line of organic drinks that are energizing, healthy, and have no added sugars or sweeteners. You are considering the marketing plans for the drinks and realize you need to consider where you will sell the drinks (place), what type of packaging you will use (product), the amount you will charge for the drinks (price), and how you will promote the drinks (promotion).

What is Promotion?

A vital part of the marketing mix is promotion, the way you will communicate to consumers about your product. The marketing message about your items should encourage shoppers to buy your product, learn about the benefits of your new items, and share the products with others. By promoting your items, you can expand consumer awareness and drive them to the store to make a purchase.

Because your drink line is new, you want to promote it to all consumers who are health conscious. You start with sharing the benefits of your drinks and the affordability of your product line. You also write text on your drink labels and display copy that will attract people to learn more about your drinks.

Promotion Activities

Promotions can take many forms. Some common types of product promotions include advertising, direct marketing, personal selling, and sales promotion.

Advertising includes print or verbal ads. Ads may be seen on TV, in magazines or newspapers, or on billboards. Signs are also considered advertising and can be seen just about anywhere, including on benches or on the side of buses.

Direct Marketing and Personal Selling are methods of using word-of-mouth advertising to tell others about your product. Many direct marketing and personal selling companies have grown to be massive powerhouses, as they compensate their sales staff by offering a commission or bonus when others buy the product. Avon, Mary Kay, and Amway are three brands that use direct marketing and personal selling formats.

Sales Promotions are common activities, including coupons, discounts, and gifts with purchase. Companies may offer initial offers to get consumers to try their products.

Your drink company wants to launch your drink line in a big way. You run ads in local magazines, post signs at gyms and health stores, and offer samples at retail locations. You also offer coupons on your website to encourage people to buy the drink when it is first released. The promotion plan strives to attract the eyes of the target market, customers who are most likely to buy your drinks.

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