Pronoun Project Ideas

Instructor: Bethany Calderwood

Bethany is a certified Special Education and Elementary teacher with 11 years experience teaching Special Education from grades PK through 5. She has a Bachelor's degree in Special Education, Elementary Education, and English from Gordon College and a Master's degree in Special Education from Salem State University.

Pronouns are an important part of speech. These projects will encourage your students to develop a more thorough understanding of pronouns and can be adjusted to accommodate upper elementary, middle or high school students.

Parts of Speech

Understanding the parts of speech is a critical foundational skill for understanding and analyzing grammar. Grammar, in turn, is crucial to good writing -- a life skill that benefits students in both the employment market and in higher education. Pronouns may seem like a simple and unexciting part of speech, but writing without pronouns is exceptionally awkward. Try these pronoun projects to get your students comfortable with consistent and proper pronoun usage.

Project: Pronoun Lesson

Grade Level: Upper Elementary/Middle School/High School

Objective: Teach younger students about pronouns.

Materials: paper/pencil or materials to make posters/handouts/slideshows

  • Collaborate with the teacher of a younger class and arrange a time to divide their class into small groups and allow your students to deliver a 15-minute lesson to a small group of younger students.
  • Individually or with a partner, students will develop a 15-minute lesson that teaches about pronouns. The lesson will be delivered to a small group of younger students.
  • The lesson should include:
    • A written lesson plan with the following:
      • A lesson objective
      • The definition of pronouns and their role in sentences
      • Information on types of pronouns (Note: Which types/how many types of pronouns are required in the lesson depends on the age of your students and the age of the cooperating class.)
      • An interactive activity that requires the participants to use pronouns correctly
      • A handout summarizing the lesson information for the participants to keep
  • Students will turn in their lesson plan after presenting their lesson and will receive an evaluation from the teacher of the younger students.

Project: Informational Brochure

Grade Level: Middle School/High School

Objective: Create an informational brochure that explains how to use pronouns.

Materials: Samples of informational brochures, Paper, pencils/markers/colored pencils, computer/printer access (optional)

  • Students will create a brochure that explains what pronouns are and how to use them.
  • Students work with a partner to review a variety of informational brochures and get ideas for layouts and types of information that can be included in a brochure.
  • Each student develops a pronoun brochure.
  • Optional step: Students exchange rough drafts with a partner and go through the peer editing process.
  • Brochures should include:
    • Illustrations/graphics
    • Definition of pronouns
    • Information on types of pronouns
    • Information on pronoun/antecedent agreement
    • Information on the importance of pronouns
    • Roles pronouns can play in a sentence

Project: Create a Game

Grade Level: Upper Elementary/Middle School/High School

Objective: Create a game that reinforces the proper use of pronouns.

Materials: paper, notecards, markers or materials for making a board game

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