Propaganda Gallery Walk Ideas

Instructor: Clio Stearns

Clio has taught education courses at the college level and has a Ph.D. in curriculum and instruction.

Learning about propaganda is an important part of developing critical thinking and literacy skills. This lesson offers ideas for gallery walk questions you can use for teaching students about propaganda.

The Importance of the Gallery Walk Question

Are you trying to get students to become more critical thinkers and engaged participants in society? One great pedagogical tool you can use is the gallery walk. In gallery walks, you post different images, quotes, or objects in different places around the room. Usually, you also post a series of questions next to each item on display. Students circulate individually or in small groups, writing or discussing their answers to the questions. At the end, you can bring students together to discuss their answers, impressions, and what they have learned or wondered.

One of the best things about a gallery walk is that it really does promote independent, deep, and critical thinking. This makes gallery walks an ideal tool for teaching about propaganda because you want your students to be able to understand the message and purpose of any propaganda they come across.

Crucial to a strong gallery walk, though, is having the right kind of questions. Gallery walk questions should:

  • be simple enough that students can answer them independently,
  • pertain directly to the object or image at hand, and
  • promote analytical, evidence-based thinking.

The questions in this lesson can be used for a gallery walk about propaganda.

Questions About Images

This section offers questions that help students think carefully and deeply about visual images in a propaganda gallery walk.

  • What do you see in this picture? Describe the image in your own words.
  • Who are the people or characters in this image? What do you think they are supposed to represent?
  • What are the major emotions expressed or elicited by this image?
  • Describe the concrete objects in this image.
  • What, if anything, surprises you about this image, and why do you think the surprise is there?
  • How is this image similar to and different from other images advertising the same product, figure, or idea?
  • What does this image teach you about the time period it represents?
  • What can you learn about the underlying culture or geography from looking at this image?
  • How do you think the creators of this image hoped it would be perceived by different audiences, and how can you tell?

Questions About Language

Here, you find gallery walk questions that will push students' thinking regarding the language in their propaganda gallery walk.

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