Properties of a Circle: Lesson for Kids

Instructor: Dina Albert
You come across so many shapes every day, and one of the most unique is the circle. This simple shape plays a huge role in our lives. In this lesson, you will learn about the parts of a circle!

Circles in Your World

On any given day, chances are you come in contact with a circle of some kind! You may notice how the bottoms of some bowls and plates are circles. The bottoms of soda cans are circles and wristwatches form a circle when they wrap around your wrist. Circles are everywhere and they are very special shapes.

Around and Around We Go

Let's take a look at this plate. The red part of the plate is called the circumference, which measures the distance around the shape.


Whereas the entire red part of the plate is the circumference, any small section of the red part is called an arc.

Let's Take a Short Cut

One way to go through a circle is to draw a chord, which is a straight line that goes from one part of the circle to another. One special chord that goes through the center of a circle is called the diameter.

The radius is half the distance of the diameter. Both the diameter and radius can be drawn vertically, horizontally, and diagonally.


Outside, but Not Forgotten

Last but not least, there is another line that touches the circle but is drawn outside of the circle. This line is called the tangent.


Cutting Circles into Pieces

When two radii (the word for more than one radius) connect to an arc, the shape formed is called a sector. Sectors look just like the slices of pizza you see in that picture! The straight edges are the radii while the curved part (the crust) is the arc.


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