Pros & Cons of Internet Marketing

Instructor: Sean Kennedy

Sean has 8 years experience as a supervisor and has an MBA with a concentration in marketing.

Internet marketing allows companies of all sizes to reach a large audience. In this lesson, we will discuss the pros and cons of internet marketing in business.

Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is a helpful tool for most businesses regardless of the size of the company. For most companies, it is essential to have an online presence to stay competitive. It is an outlet a company uses to help run the business and comes with many pros and cons. It is important for a company to know the pros and cons of online marketing to help build an effective marketing strategy.

Pros of Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is a way for businesses to interact with customers and promote a company. Internet marketing is low cost, unlike other marketing strategies that require a larger budget to help promote the company. Internet marketing also reaches a broad audience and can connect with customers globally. Furthermore, internet marketing allows for there to be more communication between customers and the businesses. In large companies that distribute products, it is often hard to communicate with consumers, but utilizing Internet marketing strategies allow businesses to connect with customers through social media and direct email. It is not only essential to initiate communication, but it is also essential to maintain communication with customers.

Maintaining communication with customers helps build brand loyalty. Brand loyalty is when a customer sticks with a brand and repurchases items rather than buy the same thing from competitors. There are numerous channels a company can utilize to communicate with customers to help maintain brand loyalty and help market their products. Marketing to the consumer can be accomplished through the use of online ads, websites, email, Facebook, etc. Utilizing different channels for marketing allows a company to reach a larger audience, increases communication, markets their products more efficiently, and helps increase profit. Marketing online is not only beneficial to the company; it is also beneficial to the consumer because they can simply purchase a product without leaving their home.

Imagine a company like Coca-Cola, who distributes its products to an enormous amount of stores all over the globe. Coca-Cola does not have the ability to communicate with each customer like smaller organizations, but they still have brand loyalty. Utilizing internet marketing allows Coca-Cola to get feedback about their products that they normally would not be able to receive.

Have you ever been in a store during the holidays and wondered why am I here? This is when the internet is helpful to consumers. You can search through the various marketing ads online and purchase a product without the hassle. Companies promote heavily around Christmas time because they realize it is easier for consumers to buy products online than to have to sit in long lines. Internet marketing has some pros, but there are also some cons that come along with internet marketing for both consumers and businesses.

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