Providing Clear & Consistent Feedback to Employees

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Debra Morelli
Providing clear and consistent feedback to employees is a vital function for a successful business. Consistent feedback can be like a roadmap for an employee. It will provide a sense of direction, while informing the employee if they are heading down the correct, productive path.

Feedback and Information for Success

John, an employee for XYZ company, comes to work every day, does his job, and goes home. His bosses occasionally smile but rarely speak to him. Imagine his surprise when he is- written up for doing his job incorrectly! No one had ever told him to do it any other way! How was he supposed to know?! This left John feeling confused and unhappy, which are never good feelings for an employee to have. These feelings are common among workers when they're not given clear and consistent feedback on a regular basis.

Have you ever worked for a company like this and had no idea how you were doing? Have you ever wished for more feedback from your management team or at least some form of direction? In order to improve and sustain worker performance, management must always provide employees with clear and consistent feedback. The first step to successful feedback is to begin with a clear and concise job description which should contain expectations and responsibilities for the position, but that is only the beginning. Once you hire an employee and get them started in their role, they should be given a handbook that contains policies and procedures as well as explanations regarding how they may be held accountable for actions, issues, and other things that might occur. You can never provide too much information. Employees will appreciate it and perform better because of it.


From the beginning of employment, employees should be provided with a set of S.M.A.R.T. goals. These goals should be:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Realistic
  • Timely

Make sure they are as specific to the job as possible to give the goals relevance. Employees should know how they will be held accountable for their goals via measurement, and the goals should challenge the employee without being out of reach, thus attainable. Ensure that the goals given to employees are possible and realistic and also be sure they are timely in order to assist in motivation. It would not be ideal for a brand new employee to have a goal five years off in the future.

Now imagine if company XYZ utilized this practice. Their employees would have direction and be a high-producing team!

Be Consistent & Celebrate!

When employees know their goals, it becomes very important to provide consistent feedback along their journey to attain those goals. This type of feedback doesn't change between managers or meetings, and employees are able to gauge progress with it. Consistent feedback can take any form, both positive and negative. A good tool for delivering consistent, measurable goals is a scorecard. A scorecard is a set of goals, weighted with percentages, along with a set of results. Delivered on a monthly basis, this tool aids in the consistency of feedback, while also giving the employee something to strive toward.

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