Providing Feedback for Grammar & Mechanics

Instructor: Sharon Linde

Sharon has a Masters of Science in Mathematics

Students need teachers to give them feedback on their writing in order to fully understand grammar and mechanics skills. This lesson will describe effective feedback to support students during and after the writing process.

What Is Writing?

Teachers are integral to a students' success in writing. The feedback given during and after the writing process on skills like grammar and mechanics help focus writers and teach valuable skills.

Have you ever thought about how speaking and writing is different? Writing is the process of encoding speech into text. When speaking, it's clear when a sentence ends - the person simply pauses. How does this look in print? Two main parts of transferring the spoken word into writing are grammar and mechanics.

David is working on a historical fiction essay centering on the American Revolution. In order to make his writing clear and easy to understood, he needs to use specific rules and methods relating to grammar and mechanics. Let's learn more about what these are and how his teacher can help him with feedback to implement them in his writing.

Grammar and Mechanics

Grammar is the way we put words together to make sense to others, things like making words plural, noun/verb agreement, or parts of speech. Most grammar rules are acquired when learning to speak, like noun/verb agreement. For example, it would feel uncomfortable to say 'I has two dogs'; you can hear yourself making a mistake with the word 'has' in that sentence, which should be 'have.'

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