Providing Guided Practice & Models in Instruction

Instructor: Sharon Linde

Sharon has a Masters of Science in Mathematics

Teachers spend a lot of time with students throughout the day. Not all of it is used for direct instruction. This lesson shows how to use methods of guided practice and modeling when teaching and offers examples of how each is used.

Quality Instruction

When Dan decided to become a teacher, he didn't realize he'd spend so much time talking. Most of the day, he's either talking to his whole class, small groups, or individual students. The more seasoned teachers on his floor don't seem to spend nearly as much time instructing their students. In fact, when Dan walks by their rooms, he often sees students working on material.

It looks like Dan is making a rookie mistake. Veteran teachers know that quality instruction uses several components:

  • Direct instruction time - used to teach students new concepts.
  • Guided practice - the time students spend practicing new material with teacher support.
  • Independent practice - such as homework, is time students spend practicing without teacher support.

In other words, this model is the 'I do, we do, you do' method of instruction. Dan uses most of his class time instructing, in the 'I do', and allows little time for his students to practice the new concepts he teaches. Let's see how he can change things to improve the flow of his day and increase student success.

Guiding Student Practice - We Do

We all know the benefits of practicing. The more we work on a new skill, like dribbling, the better we get at it. Especially important is the guidance we receive from an expert. When a coach is nearby, showing us how to move our hand in a different way, we get better at dribbling. The same is true for education and learning.

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