Public Affairs Departments in Businesses: Role & Functions

Public Affairs Departments in Businesses: Role & Functions
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Jennifer Lombardo
Corporations need to be able to monitor legislation, participate in regulatory discourse and support their stakeholders. In this lesson, you will learn how public affairs departments in businesses are able to accomplish these tasks and more.

Public Affairs

A new regulation is passed affecting a company's business. A recall of a company's product brings the attention of customers and government agencies. How can a company monitor, interact and manage relationships with their stakeholders? The answer is a public affairs department.

A few of you might be confused as to what distinguishes a public affairs department from a public relations department. Let's clear this up immediately. Public relations encompasses a large area of communication activities that target specific audiences and create a positive opinion about a company or its activities. A public affairs department allows an organization to monitor external stakeholder relationships and activities related to policy development. In this lesson, we will examine the role and activities of the public affairs department of Lavish Chocolate and its staff.

Role of Public Affairs

There are numerous roles the public affairs department of Lavish Chocolates, a gourmet candy company, handles in their workday. Let's take a closer look:

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