Public Relations Plan: Example & Overview

Instructor: Steven Coleman

Steven has his Bachelors in Communication and has earned his Masters in Education. He is also in the process of pursuing his Doctorate degree.

Public relations plan is a strategy used to manage the publics perception of a person or organization. In this lesson, you'll learn what a public relations plan is. After, test your knowledge with a short quiz.

What Is a Public Relations Plan?

Have you ever witnessed a company have a public relations nightmare? For example, a President caught participating in illegal activity would be a public relations nightmare. In this case, the President's administration would more than likely develop a public relations plan in response. A public relations plan is a strategy used to manage the publics perception of a person or organization.

A public relations plan typically addresses public disasters and issues with public perception. These issues can include data and information breaches, illegal activity and immoral behavior. Public relations plans consist of knowing who your intended audience is and how to contact your intended audience, and addressing the issue. A successful plan can be achieved by organizing community and charity events, or sending out press releases to newspapers, radio stations and televisions.

Examples of Public Relation Plans

A public relations plan is typically executed and delivered through a public speech, a press release or an interview. A public speech is a message that is delivered by the company or a representative of a company directly to the public or audience. A press release is usually an article or information that is sent to mass media outlets. The overall strategy is usually developed by public relations experts who organize public relations plans and coach company executives and employees on how to speak, what to say, and sometimes even what to wear.

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