Pumpkin Writing Activities

Instructor: Bethany Calderwood

Bethany has taught special education in grades PK-5 and has a master's degree in special education.

Is it pumpkin spice season? Check out some pumpkin writing activities to go with your pumpkin latte and your pumpkin muffin. These activities for elementary or middle school include informational writing, short stories, descriptive writing, and persuasive writing.

Pumpkins and Writing

Pumpkins are one of the undisputed symbols of fall. The flavor, smell, and shape of the pumpkin can summon up images of warmth, family meals, holiday crafts, and outdoor adventures. Writing about seasonal icons gives students a comfortable and motivating topic that allows them to challenge their creativity and target specific writing skills. These activities are suitable for elementary or middle school as you can adapt the writing level and length requirements to fit your class.

Activity: Descriptive Paragraphs

Objective: Use precise adjectives, adverbs, and action verbs to write a descriptive paragraph.

Materials: Pumpkin graphic organizer

  • Preparation: Create a pumpkin graphic organizer with pumpkin seeds and pumpkin vines. The pumpkin seeds are for adjectives and adverbs, while the vines are for action verbs. See image.

Sample Pumpkin Graphic Organizer
pumpkin graphic organizer

  • Each student chooses a topic related to fall and pumpkins.
  • Distribute graphic organizers.
  • Briefly review adjectives, adverbs and action verbs and their role in descriptive writing.
  • Students write an adjective or adverb related to their topic on each pumpkin seed on their graphic organizer.
  • Students write several precise action verbs on their pumpkin vine.
  • Using their descriptive words, students draft a fall-themed paragraph.
  • Students edit their paragraphs for mechanics and precise, descriptive writing.
  • Students write a final draft of their paragraphs on a pumpkin outline. Optional: Illustrate the paragraphs.

Activity: Pumpkin Sales Pitch

Objective: Write a persuasive sales pitch.

Materials: Paper and pencil, illustrating tools (optional), sample advertisements

  • Show students some sample advertisements. Discuss the types of language that vendors use to promote their products.
  • Individually or with a partner, students brainstorm a pumpkin product real or imagined. (Pumpkin spiced bubble gum? Pumpkin shaped slippers? Encourage creativity!)
  • Students write a persuasive sales pitch that will encourage customers to buy their pumpkin product. Questions to consider:
    • Target audience - Who will want their product?
    • Descriptive language - How can they make their product sound desirable?
  • Optional: Students illustrate their sales pitch with a product image.

Activity: Story Starters

Objective: Write a short story.

Materials: Paper and pencil

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