Purpose of Early Literacy Assessments in Young Children

Instructor: Sharon Linde

Sharon has a Masters of Science in Mathematics

Assessing young children as they learn to read is important for many reasons. This lesson outlines some of these and gives insight into the nuances of early literacy screening.

Literacy Assessments

Learning to read is a complicated process requiring the acquisition of many separate yet related skills. Young children need to learn these skills, such as phonemic awareness and phonics, in order to become independent readers and writers. When children show signs of struggle in their early development, it is vital for teachers to identify and address these problems.

Tyler is in his last year of college for his teaching degree. He is also working in a classroom as a student teacher and is learning all about literacy assessments, tests and screenings given to children to determine their reading skill level and aptitude. Why all the fuss for kindergarten students? His cooperating teacher tells him about studies showing children who don't acquire early literacy skills are often delayed in their progress, and that these problems become more resistant to intervention after 3rd grade. Early screenings serve several purposes. Let's take a look.

Early literacy assessments help teachers identify and help struggling readers.

Purpose of Early Literacy Assessments

Tyler's cooperating teacher, Ms. Jackson, is modeling several early literacy screenings. She tells him she screens her young students for potential problems in vital beginning literacy skills for several reasons.

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