Quadrilateral Project Ideas

Instructor: Kerry Gray

Kerry has been a teacher and an administrator for more than twenty years. She has a Master of Education degree.

Quadrilaterals are two-dimensional polygons with four sides, vertices, and angles. The projects in this asset provide review of quadrilaterals for classroom use.


Quadrilaterals are shapes, such as trapezoids, parallelograms, rectangles, rhombi, kites, and squares, that have four sides. `In elementary school, students are just beginning to identify and classify the different types of quadrilaterals. By middle school, students list the properties of each quadrilateral. In high school, students are working at a more advanced level, using graphs, formulas, and theorems to identify quadrilaterals. The following projects provide hands-on exploration of quadrilaterals for various grade levels.

Quadrilateral Quilt

Students will cut various quadrilaterals out of paper and use them to create designs. The goal at this grade level is to visually identify different types of quadrilaterals.

Grade level: 3rd-5th

Time: 2-3 days

Key Terms:

  • trapezoid
  • parallelogram
  • rhombus
  • square

Guiding Questions

  • How can I create quadrilaterals and use them to create a unique design?


  • colored paper - 4 colors
  • scissors
  • glue
  • quadrilateral templates/models


  • Provide students an opportunity to explore different types of quadrilaterals by examining templates and models.
  • Provide each student with a 5' x 5' square of paper. Tell students they will each design a square of a class paper quilt using quadrilaterals.
  • Have students cut quadrilaterals out of colored paper to glue on their square to create a design.
  • Compile all squares and arrange like a quilt for display.

Quadrilateral Skits

Students will demonstrate their understanding of the properties of different types of quadrilaterals by writing and performing a skit in which quadrilaterals are personified.

Grade level: 6th - 8th

Time: 2-3 days

Key Terms:

  • angle
  • equilateral
  • kite
  • parallel
  • reflection
  • rotation
  • translation
  • vertex

Guiding Questions

  • What are the properties of quadrilaterals?


  • construction paper
  • scissors
  • tape


  • Divide students into small groups.
  • Have students research the properties of each type of quadrilateral.
  • Have students write a skit that personifies quadrilaterals and explains their properties.
  • Have students create simple props or costumes to differentiate between the different types of quadrilaterals.
  • Have students perform their skit for the class.

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