Qualitative Analysis Business Decisions

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Sean Kennedy

Sean has 8 years experience as a supervisor and has an MBA with a concentration in marketing.

Do you want to know how qualitative analysis can help benefit your company? We will learn how qualitative analysis helps determine management quality, brand awareness, and customer satisfaction.

What Is Qualitative Analysis?

Do you ever wonder if you are doing the right thing with your business? Qualitative analysis, performing evaluations using non-measurable data, allows you to determine this not by using numerical data but by analyzing how well you're doing in management, brand awareness, and customer satisfaction. Qualitative analysis helps give insight into the immediate feelings of employees and customers, as well as how they feel about their overall experience. It helps you determine what emotionally connects them to your products.

If you were to just look at statistics on how many sales you have had, or how much money you have made, you wouldn't be able to see the emotional attachment customers may have to your product. As an owner, you want to know how your employees and customers feel about your company. By using qualitative analysis, you can get an inside look into the emotions of your customers and how employees feel about their job.

Analyzing Management Quality

There is no specific numerical data that can determine whether you have a good manager working for your company - that's why we use qualitative analysis. The trick to determining your company's management quality involves talking to employees and looking into customer complaints. Asking employees how they feel about management is essential. Employees should feel comfortable communicating with management, and management should be there to build employees up, not tear them down. Your management team is the ultimate leader; if they are not strong leaders, it will affect how the employees perform.

Imagine you own a hardware store. You start to receive customer complaints about a manager named John. When you meet with John, he seems friendly. But when you talk to your employees, they tell you John is not professional and does not treat customers with respect. As an owner, you have to sit down with John and explain to him this will not be tolerated. All of your employees and customers should be respected.

Analyzing Brand Image

Brand image is what customers think about your company. You want to dig deep and determine what connects your product to customers on an emotional level. Brand image is vital to your business because it helps your customers have positive feelings toward your products and, thus, hopefully keeps them coming back. It should be your goal to have consumers walk away with a good feeling because they were able to use a unique product. Creating a marketing campaign helps you build your brand image around your product message. Customers have the ultimate say about your brand, but marketing allows you to try to create that emotion you want attached to your product.

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