Quality Metrics in Customer Service

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  • 0:03 Quality Metrics
  • 0:39 Areas to Measure Quality
  • 1:21 Issue Resolution
  • 2:08 Overall Customer Experience
  • 2:43 Self-Help Services & Loyalty
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Allison Tanner
Quality metrics are an important component of customer service metrics. This lesson defines quality metrics and provides several examples of how a company can evaluate the quality of their customer service programs or processes.

Quality Metrics

FineLine Clothing and Accessories has been losing customers, and their sales are in the dumps. Scared that they may go bankrupt, FineLine hires Metrics Man (MM) to help them get to the bottom of this issue and start making positive changes.

As he begins his hunt, MM finds out that the company hasn't been tracking any quality metrics, or measures that evaluate the quality of the customer service programs and processes. MM knows that these measures are extremely important to understanding how well a company is serving their customers. He tells FineLine that they will have to implement quality metrics into their company evaluation plans.

Areas to Measure Quality

First, MM tells FineLine that in order to create quality metrics you need to know which areas you might want to evaluate. MM explains that there are many things that quality metrics can check. Some of these include:

  • The customer experience with resolving issues or asking questions
  • The overall customer experience
  • The customer's experience using FineLine's self-help services
  • The customer's loyalty or interest in returning to the store
  • The Net Promoter Scores (NPS), or the likelihood that the customer will share the company with their friends and family

MM tells FineLine that in order to measure how well the company is doing in each of these areas, they will need to create some surveys or other ways to measure their success.

Issue Resolution

The first quality metric on the list is extremely important. MM stresses that FineLine needs to measure how well they resolve issues, or customer complaints, and how well they answer customer questions.

A post-resolution survey might ask customers:

  • How quickly was your question or issue addressed?
  • Where you satisfied with the answer or resolution?
  • Was your issue fully resolved?
  • Was your question fully answered?
  • How many people did you have to speak to?
  • Did you explain your problem or ask your question more than once?

These question can help you to identify how well your company is solving problems and answering questions. MM explains to FineLine that these types of questions will help the company to determine if they are consistently and effectively resolving customer issues.

Overall Customer Experience

In addition to FineLine's ability to resolve problems and answer questions, they will also want to evaluate their overall customer experience. MM tells FineLine that this refers to the customers' overall satisfaction with customer experience and the products and services that FineLine offers.

This might include:

  • Do you believe the products from FineLine are a good value for the price?
  • Are you happy with the customer service FineLine provides?

By asking questions about the overall customer experience, FineLine can see if they are meeting their customer experience goals.

Self-Help Services & Loyalty

Now, MM explains that it is also important for FineLine to determine how useful self-help services are. This includes anything that helps customer find products or answers their questions on their own.

MM explains that FineLine's in-store questions might ask:

  • Was the store easy to navigate?
  • Could you easily locate the items you needed?
  • Were the signs clear and easy to follow?

And their website questions might ask:

  • Were you able to find the answers to your questions?
  • Was the website easy to navigate?
  • Did you find the information useful?

These questions help identify the quality of self-help programs. After all, if the self-help programs aren't working, then they don't have any use.

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