Quantum & Incremental Product Innovation: Definition & Examples

Instructor: Brianna Whiting

Brianna has a masters of education in educational leadership, a DBA business management, and a BS in animal science.

Technology changes all the time. In this lesson, we will learn about two different changes technology can make where products are concerned. Those two types of changes are referred to as quantum and incremental product innovation.

Looking at Change

Change is a part of all of our lives. Sometimes change is a good thing, like changing jobs so you get to do what you love and get paid more money. And, sometimes change is not so good, like finding out that the college degree you have been working on just added ten more courses, which you will now have to take to graduate.

While change is something that affects all of our personal lives, change is also a large part of the business world, primarily where technology is concerned. Only the rate at which technology changes is probably double what we are used to in our own lives. In this lesson, we will learn about two types of changes that affect technology, known as quantum and incremental product innovation.

Quantum Product Innovation

Let's begin with quantum product innovation. Quantum product innovation is the creation of a brand-new product due to advanced technology discoveries. The new products are like no other products currently being used and are pioneering in nature. Quantum product innovation forces companies to make a change so that they can remain a competitive force.


Perhaps one of the most important quantum product innovations of our time is the personal computer. Think about what our world was like before the computer. We wrote letters by hand, instead of sending emails. We used typewriters so that we could type up documents and papers. And, we had to use file cabinets and other various storage units to keep all of our important documents because we could not save them on a hard drive, a flash drive, or any other electronic storage device.

The creation of the personal computer was radical, exciting and new. It was like nothing businesses had ever seen before. It forced companies to make changes from their old techniques to implementing computers for all of their needs.

Incremental Product Innovation

The less dramatic kind of technological change is that of incremental product innovation. Incremental product innovation is the gradual changing and improving of current technologies as more research is conducted and better techniques are found. The products already exist and are referred to as base products. Incremental product innovation just builds upon the base product as the technology becomes available.

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