Querer Conditional Conjugation

Instructor: Yolanda Reinoso Barzallo

Yolanda holds a CELTA Cambridge, a Juris Doctorate, and a Master of Public Administration. She is a published author of fiction in Spanish.

Would you want to practice the conditional tense of 'querer' (to want) in a Spanish-speaking country? To get you inspired, you can scroll through this lesson to know what other learners of Spanish would want.

Uses of the Conditional

To understand the uses of the conditional for querer (keh-REHR), which means 'to want,' let's begin with a question for you. ¿Querrías viajar a un país donde se habla español? (Would you want to travel to a Spanish-speaking country?) Whether your answer is affirmative or negative, this is precisely the first use of the conditional: to express a probability or possibility.

Now, imaginamos que querrías practicar español con nativo hablantes. (We imagine you would want to practice Spanish with native speakers.) This is the second use of the conditional: to express a supposition or presumption.

Next, the reason why we have this lesson here: Sabíamos que querrías aprender el condicional de querer. (We knew you would want to learn the conditional of querer). This tells us about the third use of the conditional: to make a statement (you would want to learn) based on a past assumption (we knew...).

Finally, what another student answers to the opening question: Yo querría viajar a España pero no tengo tiempo. (I would want to travel to Spain but I don't have time.) This use of the conditional is to express what would happen if it weren't for a given impediment. In other words, it is to express a conditional situation.

You're probably thinking the verb querer translates better as 'would like,' and you're right. We're just giving you a literal translation to emphasize the dictionary meaning of querer, which is 'to want.' With this in mind, let's move on to learn the conditional form of querer then look at other practical examples.

The Conditional of Querer

Querer (keh-REHR) - 'to want'

Subject Pronoun Querer Conjugation Pronunciation Translation
yo querría kehr-REE-ah I would want
querrías kehr-REE-ahs you (singular/informal) would want
querría kehr-REE-ah he/she/you (singular/formal) would want
querríamos kehr-REE-ah-mohs we would want
querríais kehr-REE-ah-ees you (plural/informal) would want
querrían kehr-REE-ahn they/you (plural/formal) would want

Translation: At our hotel in Colombia, people knew that tourists would want to try their gourmet coffee.

Practical Examples

Now, let's get you inspired. Clearly, if you would want to go to a Spanish-speaking country, you would not only take your Spanish to the next level but also would get to do lots of fun things, like the ones other students tell us about here:

Let's begin with Janice, who tells us:

  • Supongo que querría viajar a México porque hay una excelente escuela de español en Monterrey. (I suppose I would want to travel to Mexico because there is an excellent school of Spanish in Monterrey.)

Some students go beyond the practicing of Spanish:

Kevin and Kristin tell us:

  • Nosotros querríamos estudiar en Costa Rica para hacer turismo ecológico. (We would want to study in Costa Rica to do some eco-tourism.)

Here, we have a dad who gave his daughter the gift of a trip to Argentina for her birthday. She is very happy, and her dad says:

  • Sabía que mi hija querría practicar español en Argentina porque le gusta el tango. (I knew my daughter would want to practice Spanish in Argentina because she loves the tango.)

And here is a teacher who wishes her class could go to Spain:

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