Quick Art Projects for Middle School Students

Instructor: Clio Stearns

Clio has taught education courses at the college level and has a Ph.D. in curriculum and instruction.

Sometimes, you might be looking for an art project that your students can complete with limited time. These projects are good for middle school students and can be used at school or in the home.

Keep It Quick

As a teacher or someone who works with middle school students, you probably understand how important it can be to incorporate art into your instruction. Art projects can provide a wonderful opportunity for students to express themselves, and they engage students visually as well as with their tactile senses. At the same time, middle school students have many other demands on them, including rigorous academic expectations. This means that you do not necessarily have tons of time available to devote to complex art projects. This lesson provides a series of art projects that make use of different kinds of materials and appeal to the interests of middle school students. The projects are purposely designed in such a way that they can be completed quickly, either at home or in the classroom.

Independent Projects

The projects in this section are for students to do on their own. All of them can be done in the home as well as in the classroom.

  • Pencil Sketch

Explain to your students that their job is to create a drawing that uses nothing but a regular pencil and paper, but it should express something that is happening within their imagination. Students might create concrete representations or more abstract images. When you bring all of their work together, you will be able to show what is possible with a very limited set of materials.

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