Rate of a Chemical Reaction Activities

Instructor: Heather Jenkins

Heather has a bachelor's degree in elementary education and a master's degree in special education. She was a public school teacher and administrator for 11 years.

Being able to manipulate the factors that affect the rate of a chemical reaction is important for students as they perform chemical experiments. Use these activities to help students learn about the rate of chemical reaction.

Slow or Fast

While rust may take years to develop on a car, logs burning in a fire can be turned to ash in a matter of hours. What makes these reactions so different? The rates of chemical reaction. When students study factors that can affect the rate of a chemical reaction, they are able to predict how to speed up or slow down the process. Let's look at some activities to help students understand the rate of chemical reaction.

Concentration Volcanos

Have students examine how the concentration of a substance affects the chemical reaction.


  • Cups
  • Vinegar
  • Baking soda
  • Spoons
  • Clay
  • Styrofoam plates
  • Paper
  • Pencils
  • Markers

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