Reading Intervention: Programs, Strategies and Activities

Reading Intervention: Programs, Strategies and Activities
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Marquis Grant
This lesson highlights programs, strategies and activities that can be used for students with reading difficulties. A short quiz follows to test your knowledge on these reading intervention techniques.

Reading Intervention

Reading difficulties usually begin as early as kindergarten. Children who have not mastered reading skills by third grade will continue to fall behind their peers and probably never catch up without the right interventions. Reading interventions are activities and strategies that help struggling readers develop their ability to read.

Struggling readers can be students who are not able to decode, or break up, words into syllables. Through decoding, students sound out unfamiliar words they encounter while reading. On the other hand, you may have a reader who can decode but cannot comprehend what they're reading. It's also possible to have a reader who can comprehend and decode, but whose oral reading is poor. The reader may orally read very slowly, mispronounce many of the words, or read in monotone without expression. This type of reader has problems with fluency.

In all cases, the use of reading intervention programs, strategies, and activities will help get your students on track.

Reading Programs

Several reading programs are available to help support your struggling readers. Two such programs include Scholastic's Read 180 and Corrective Reading.

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