Real Estate License Renewal Requirements in Arkansas

Instructor: Eric Mcconnell

Eric McConnell is a former property manager and licensed real estate agent who has trained numerous employees on the fundamentals of real estate.

The Arkansas Real Estate Commission regulates the standards for issuing and renewing real estate licenses in the state of Arkansas. This lesson will examine the steps licensees must take to renew a license or re-activate an expired license. Updated: 03/24/2020

The Arkansas Real Estate Commission

Barry has been a broker in Arkansas for the last twenty years. His firm has done very well and he's decided he wants to step away from the business for a while to do some traveling. Barry plans to leave his son Todd, who is also a broker at the firm, in charge of the business while he's gone. The only question is what does Barry do about renewing his real estate license?

Barry doesn't want to give up his real estate license entirely because he'll need it when he comes back to work. Fortunately for Barry, the Arkansas Real Estate Commission has structured the real estate license renewal requirements in Arkansas in a way that gives Barry the flexibility he needs to renew his license and take a year off from his business. Below, we will examine Barry's renewal options and what he must do to exercise them.

License Renewal Application

Arkansas real estate licenses expire on December 31st of every calendar year for both brokers and salespeople. The commission sends out renewal applications to all licensees every July. Applications for renewal must be received by the commission or postmarked by September 30th. If September 30th is a weekend or a holiday, the renewal application must be postmarked for the first business day following the weekend or holiday to be considered on-time.

Renewal applications received after the deadline will be treated by the commissions as applications to reinstate an expired license. Licensees are prohibited from conducting any real estate in Arkansas while their license is expired. The holder of an expired license is also ineligible to receive commissions for any deals that close while their license is expired.

Continuing Education

The state of Arkansas requires every applicant for license renewal to complete seven hours of continuing education courses. These continuing education courses must be taken at a school accredited by the Arkansas Real Estate Commission. At least one hour of the continuing education courses must be dedicated to risk management for licensees and enhancing the safety of both consumers and licensees.

Inactive License Renewal

Licensees who do not anticipate working in real estate for the calendar year after the expiration date may apply to renew their license with an inactive status. As with a standard renewal, licensees must apply to renew their license as inactive no later than September 30th. Holders of inactive real estate licenses may not work in real estate without first activating their license. In order to re-activate the license, they must complete the continuing education requirements for each year the license was inactive.

However, the maximum number of hours of continuing education an inactive licensee can submit is 30. In the event that the holder of the inactive license is required to complete more than seven hours of continuing education, the hours shall only be counted for the preceding year. So, in the case of a license which has been inactive for two years, the holder must take 14 hours of continuing education to activate the license, but the extra seven hours may not be credited towards the continuing education requirement for the next year's renewal.

Renewal Fees

The annual renewal fees for brokers and salespersons who file their renewal application fees before September 30th are as follows:

  • Brokers:$80.00
  • Salespersons:$60.00

Expired Licenses

Licensees who do not renew their license as active or inactive before the September 30th filing deadline will see their licenses transfer to expired status on January 1st of the next year. Holders of expired licenses are prohibited from taking part in real estate activities. Expired licenses are eligible for renewal within the calendar year the license expired. The license holder must submit an application and renewal fee along with proof of having completed the continuing education requirements for that year. If the expired license is not renewed within the one year period, the holder will have to complete the licensing process as a new applicant. This means they must complete the entire licensing process, including the mandatory class credits, criminal background check and passing the real estate exam all over again.

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Real Estate License Renewal Requirements in Arkansas Quiz

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