Recommended Amount of Sleep by Age

Instructor: Sharon Linde
How much sleep should you be getting? What about your children or even your aging parents? This lesson goes over the recommended amount of sleeps for many age groups as well as items that can increase your sleep needs.

How Much Sleep Is Needed?

Up until two days ago, Eve and Adam Bako had been childless. Now, there are three children under 15 staying with them because Eve's sister's house burned down in a wildfire. No one was hurt, thankfully, but Eve has agreed to watch the children while Joanna and her husband look for new living arrangements.

The biggest challenge for Eve and Adam is bedtime. The hand-off was very chaotic, and they weren't sure how much sleep each of the children needed. Eve knows that the younger ones need more sleep than the teenager, and that the teenager needs more sleep than them as adults - but beyond that she was lost.

After two days of cranky and sleepy children she was finally able to set aside enough time to do some research on the subject. The answer to her seemingly simple question turns out to be fairly complicated. There is a great deal of variation in the amount of sleep different people need to maintain good health and regain mental alertness each day. To make things more complicated, the amount and type of exercise, stress levels, nutrition levels and moods can all affect how much sleep an individual needs for good health. Eve quickly decided to use the recommended levels first and tweak it afterwards if it still didn't seem to be correct.

Recommended Amounts of Sleep by Age

One source that she found broke the ages down into nine different age groups, each with a separate recommendation for hours of sleep needed each night. She printed out a list with the recommendations to show her husband:

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