Reducing Concerns with Project Management Software

Instructor: Audrey Brown

Dr. Audrey E Brown has a PsyD in Organizational Leadership, an MS in Management of Programs & Projects, in addition to 15+ years of experience in the field.

In this lesson, you'll learn about the different administrative and technical concerns project managers face and how project management software can help alleviate them.

Reducing Concerns with Project Management Software

What did we do before technology? Today's technology is used to mitigate challenges, create efficiencies, and accelerate processes. Prior to the creation of project management software, project managers used spreadsheets, similar to Microsoft Excel, to create task lists, track the project's progress, etc. It was a nightmare for project managers to perform their administrative responsibilities manually - and then along came project management software, which alleviated and/or minimized the administrative burdens and concerns for managing projects.

Project Management Software Assistance

The countless administrative tasks project managers must complete can be overwhelming, especially if you're performing administrative tasks manually. Project management software helps alleviate administrative concerns. Below are some of the administrative tasks project management software helps to minimize:

  1. Cost estimation: The purpose of this type of software is to assist you with accelerating the project cost estimation process and increasing the reliability of the estimate.
  2. Schedule management: This software is designed to assist project managers with creating a timeline for their project plan.
  3. Organizing: This software will help you sort out the order of tasks, and prioritize them.
  4. Resource pool management: Placing all projects in one central location, this type of software makes resource availability visible to all project managers and centralizes project resources.
  5. Resource development estimation: The objective of this software is to assist project managers with resource planning and help you manage resources on your specific projects.

Believe it or not, some project management software are even more sophisticated, which means they have the ability to:

  1. Break down resource structure: This feature manages resource utilization for labor, equipment, supplies, etc.
  2. Manage resource availability: It is essential for you to know when resources are available because many projects end up placed on hold because key resources are unavailable at a specific period. This feature will allow you to manage resources' availability.
  3. Track resource rates: This feature allows you to capture your resources' rates, which is especially needed when computing project costs.
  4. Calendar resources: This features helps manages the duration of tasks by allocating resources and factoring their skill level. Project managers typically compute this information in their heads, and managing the resources can be extremely challenging because resources are commonly over-allocated, which means resource leveling is needed. Resource leveling means you need to take corrective actions, which results in modifying the over-allocated resource schedules because their planned time to work on the schedule is unrealistic.

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