Regulatory Impact Analysis: Purpose & Relationship to the Federal Register &

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Jennifer Lombardo
In this lesson, you will learn about a regulatory impact analysis and how it is essential for all proposed regulations. Each analysis is accessible through the federal register and

What Is a Regulatory Impact Analysis?

Not every proposed regulation is easily approved for publication in the Federal Register, which provides daily updates on new and proposed government regulations. In fact, there is a huge current debate about the FDA's proposed regulations on the new electronic cigarettes. There is a process to vet proposed regulation in order to see if it is truly needed. In this lesson, you'll learn about a regulatory impact analysis and its relationship with the federal register and

All regulatory proposals must be filed with the OMB, or Office of Management and Budget with a regulatory impact analysis. The analysis consists of federal agencies evaluating and making determinations about the necessity of the proposed regulation, possible alternatives, and the costs and benefits.

Regulatory Impact Analysis Procedure

The regulatory impact analysis is used to see if the proposed regulation is viable and should be published to the Federal Register. The OMB provides specific directions as to how the regulatory impact analysis should be conducted. The regulatory impact analysis is made public for review in the Federal Register. There are specific steps demanded by the federal government for agencies to follow in order in order to conduct an appropriate regulatory impact analysis. Let's follow a proposed regulation that deals with cutting more automobile emission in vehicles to protect the environment.

  • Describe the need for regulation

In this step, the Environmental Protection Agency illustrates that the new, more stringent regulation is needed in order to protect the environment from vehicle emissions. The EPA will show how emissions continues to be problematic in regards to atmospheric health.

  • Define the baseline

The EPA explains what the environment's condition would be if the new regulation is not passed. In this step, specific costs and benefits need to be shown in regards to show that the proposed regulation is needed.

  • Establish time frame of analysis

A set analysis time must be set by the EPA to reflect how long it will take to analyze the regulatory impact on the environment.

  • Acknowledge any alternatives

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