Relationship Between Customer Service & Satisfaction: Levels & Examples

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Yuanxin (Amy) Yang Alcocer

Amy has a master's degree in secondary education and has taught math at a public charter high school.

In this lesson, we'll talk about the link between customer service and customer satisfaction. We'll see that how a business handles its customer service directly impacts the satisfaction of its customers.

Customer Service

Businesses rely heavily on their customer service people to connect with its customers and provide a service experience that is both pleasant and helpful. The effectiveness of the customer service department is directly linked to customer satisfaction. We define customer service as the help provided by a business to its customers. This customer service includes everything customer-related, from the customer checking out to the customer calling in with a question about the produce he or she just purchased.

Let's meet Sam. He is the manager of the customer service department at a company that sells orange cream sodas to other businesses as well as individuals. Sam's job is to make sure that the customers of the business are satisfied with both the business and its product. Sam knows that how satisfied the customers are with the product and business is dependent on how well Sam does his job.

Customer Satisfaction

So, what makes customers satisfied? Customers are satisfied when transactions go smoothly, when employees are respectful, and when questions are answered quickly. Businesses can increase their customer satisfaction level by training employees to be professional and respectful when dealing with customers during checkout and in the store. Many big businesses today also provide training to teach employees how to talk to customers on the phone, how to treat a customer with a problem, and other scenarios.

Sam is good at what he does. He has implemented a weeklong training program with one-day refresher courses for his employees. In his program, employees learn how to greet customers that come into the store, how to speak with customers over the phone, what to do if a customer is upset, and how employees can help customers out. Sam tells his employees that they have the ability to refund the purchase cost to any customer who is not 100 percent satisfied with the product.


There are also different customer service levels that customers experience as they continue in a relationship with a particular business. One level is the new customer level. At this level, a business is just getting to know a customer, what he or she wants, and how he or she reacts to the business.

Another level is the repeat customer level. This customer is known by the company, and both are on friendly terms with one another. The customer can make suggestions, and the business can give the customer suggestions of new products to try that suit the customer's tastes.

In addition to the new and repeat customer levels, there are customer service levels when it comes to job performance. There is the standard level of service where employees do the bare minimum to treat and help customers. The next level is the desired level. At this level, employees give customers the treatment and help they desire. This involves going a bit above and beyond the bare minimum. The next level up is the excellence level, where employees give the best they can in the treatment and helping of customers. The higher the level of customer level, the greater the customer satisfaction.


What do these job performance levels look like in real life? Let's take a look at a few examples. We'll be looking at Sam's company and his employees.

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