Relationship Between Self-Concept, Self-Esteem & Communication

Relationship Between Self-Concept, Self-Esteem & Communication
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  • 0:01 Communication and You
  • 0:40 Self-Concept and Self-Esteem
  • 2:30 Self-Concept and Communication
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Christopher Muscato

Chris has a master's degree in history and teaches at the University of Northern Colorado.

One of the main things impacted by our self-concept and our self-esteem is our communication with other people. Find out how this works, and then test your understanding with a brief quiz.

Communication and You

For most of us, communication is a pretty common feature of our daily lives, and I'll bet that you've noticed a few important traits about it. For one, communication goes smoother when you're a part of it. I know that this must seem pretty obvious so far, but we're not just talking about your physical presence. We're talking about attributes of yourself, like how you see yourself, how you want others to see you, how you think others see you, and how you want to see yourself. All of these attributes can determine our communication habits.

Self-Concept and Self-Esteem

As we start talking about your place in your own communication practices, we've got a few terms we need to define. First is self-concept, which is simply how we perceive ourselves. How you see yourself, how you define and understand yourself, is a pretty important part of how you direct your life, and this part of you is actually very closely tied to how you think other people perceive you.

In fact, some social scientists think that the majority of your self-concept is a reflection of your relationships and the people around you. Others think that all of your self-concept is a reflection of your relationships. Think about the people in your life, from friends to heroes to bullies, and picture how they've impacted the way you perceive yourself.

Our relationships with other people can affect two areas, or subcategories, of our self-concept. These are our self-image, or characteristics or traits we believe that we possess, and our self-esteem, or our evaluation of what is worthwhile or valuable about ourselves. While our self-image is the descriptive side of our self-concept, the self-esteem is the evaluative side, which means the side that assigns value and worth to those traits and characteristics.

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