Relationship Building for Couples: Activities & Exercises

Relationship Building for Couples: Activities & Exercises
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Karin Gonzalez

Karin has taught middle and high school Health and has a master's degree in social work.

In this lesson, you'll learn the definition of relationship building and what is entailed in relationship building activities and exercises. You'll learn about eight different relationship building activities and exercises designed to strengthen a couple's intimacy and connection.

Relationship Building

In their therapist's office, Jack and Jill intently stared intently into each other's eyes for a full three minutes as their therapist had instructed. They giggled because it felt awkward to gaze at each other for so long. But something happened in the last minute. It no longer felt uncomfortable; it started to feel intimate. Jack and Jill's nervous giggles turned into genuine smiles, and they started to feel the chemistry and spark that they felt at the beginning of their relationship.

Jack and Jill's therapist was utilizing a relationship building activity during her session. Relationship building for couples are exercises intended to cultivate and strengthen the connection between two romantic partners. These activities are exceptionally helpful with couples who are struggling with conflict and a lack of intimacy.


Let's look at some exercises that help romantic relationships grow:

The exercise of maintaining eye contact in our introductory example helped Jack and Jill ameliorate, or better, their level of intimacy. Some may argue that intimacy is not a skill, but keeping it alive is most definitely a skill that couples would do well by learning. Let's look at seven popular and effective relationship-building exercises and activities:

Lengthy Cuddle Time

Lenthy cuddle time is an activity that couples can do in the comfort of their home. Couples can set aside 20 minutes every, or every other, day where they cuddle together with no hidden agenda (i.e. sex) and no distractions from television, cell phones, or children. This close physical contact can simulate the attraction, intimacy, and passion that was present at the beginning of their relationship.

Although cuddle time should have no hidden agenda, the drawn-out physical contact and attentiveness of couples during this activity will often lead to sex, which has immense benefits for the relationship.

Breathe Together

Breathing together is an exercise that can be done fairly quickly, and it brings a sense of connection and intimacy. A couple can place their foreheads together with their heads tilted downward. They can take 10 deep breaths in unison.

Hear Me Out

How many times does one feel their partner isn't listening? Listening may seem like a simple skill in relationships, but many people don't listen properly. They may be thinking about something else, preparing what they will say next, or getting distracted by their phone. Couples often complain that their significant other does not truly listen to them.

Couples that experience this issue can do the hear me out exercise anywhere, and it requires a timer or clock. In it, each person has 3-5 minutes (couples can decide how much time they each want to have) to speak their mind, without facial expressions, body language, feedback, or interruptions from the other. The other person must listen attentively and be present in the moment. When one person is done with their allotted time, it's the other person's turn to speak.

This exercise allows couples to speak without receiving judgment from their significant others. It's a way for them to get something off of their chest. It's a way for them to feel heard, understood, and validated, which can do wonders for connection and intimacy in any relationship.

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