Responsibilities of a Business' Community Relations Department

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Jennifer Lombardo
Community relations departments reach out to establish relationships with business, government and community in order to foster business success. In this lesson, you will learn the major responsibilities of community relations departments.

Community Relations

Companies realize that in order to flourish they must respect and help their stakeholders. This idea has grown into businesses embracing corporate citizenship, through which businesses show commitment to ethical behavior by balancing stakeholders' needs and protecting the environment. Companies, such as Houston Electronics, believe that a strong community yields a strong business.

One way to accomplish this huge task is through community relations, which is the organized involvement of business in society, communities and the government. Most companies establish their own community relations department to interact with various stakeholders. As you are reading this definition, you might think that it sounds very similar to public relations. The difference is that community relations is actually an extension of public relations and focuses more on media and community relations.

Houston Electronics' community relations department focuses on developing relationships with community members and government in areas such as education, the environment and job training. Let's take a look at how Houston Electronics' community relations department establishes their community relations program.

Community Involvement

Houston Electronics' goal is community involvement, or helping communities improve through business support. Companies hope that their investment in the communities will produce a positive result. For example, the CEO of Houston Electronics leads the fundraising campaign for the Houston Children Charity. In the end, the company is hoping that by giving back to the community, the community will then patronize Houston Electronics.

There are four specific areas that a Houston Electronics' community relations manager would support:

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