Retargeting Case Studies

Instructor: Beth Hendricks

Beth holds a master's degree in integrated marketing communications, and has worked in journalism and marketing throughout her career.

Retargeting gives marketers a second chance to turn a lead into a conversion. In this lesson, we'll take a look at two case studies of companies who scored with retargeting campaigns.

The Power of Retargeting

Ever feel like you're being followed? I don't mean anything sinister like someone stalking you down a dark street or tailing you in their vehicle. The type of ''being followed'' I'm talking about happens online. You check out a blouse on a favorite retail website and, 15 minutes later, an ad for the same blouse shows up when you're reading the news. You get an email from a bookstore about a new bestseller and it pops up on a makeup blog you frequent.

Retargeting is a tool that allows marketers to ''target'' you with offers as you browse the web. The goal is to get you to return to their website and make a purchase. Here's how it works: When you open an email or visit a website, a small tracking cookie is dropped onto your computer. With this, marketers are able to serve relevant display ads (a kitchen appliance you previously checked out or a pair of shoes you've been lusting over) as you go about your regular web business - banking, reading the news, checking out social media.

For consumers, it feels a little like you're being followed. For marketers, it's another way to keep their brand in front of you no matter where you go on the internet. And, as you'll see in these two case studies, it's proven to be pretty effective at turning a lead or one-time customer into a new shopper or a repeat buyer.

Case Studies


BustedTees, an internet-based T-shirt company, has been in business since 2004. Popular for its apparel designs with clever sayings and logos, the brand decided it wanted to implement some different marketing tactics to reconnect with old customers. BustedTees's employees knew they had customers who either hadn't been to the website recently, hadn't purchased anything or hadn't even opened a recent email message from the brand. They teamed up with online display advertising and retargeting company ReTargeter to create a campaign that would compel those consumers to return.

ReTargeter was able to develop a series of display ads - online advertisements that appear on any number of websites - using CRM retargeting, which focuses on delivering retargeted ads using a company's customer email database. The goal of the campaign was to encourage customers to make a repeat purchase.

The results of the campaign were impressive. Customers who were shown the display ads made follow-up purchases at a rate four times that of customers who did not view the ads. BustedTees was able to enjoy follow-up orders of, on average, $40 per customer, earning nearly 200 conversions. That's good for a return on investment of 390 percent.

AMain Hobbies

AMain Hobbies is a hobby shop featuring remote control planes, cars and drones in Chico, California. The owners of AMain wanted to boost their conversions, so they partnered with a company called AdRoll to work on a retargeting campaign. Instead of relying on display ads, AdRoll built retargeted ads to appear in the newsfeeds of Amain customers' Facebook accounts. The retargeting was effective, earning more than 26 times the company's return on investment.

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