Retreatism: Definition, Modes & Examples

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  • 0:02 What Is Retreatism?
  • 1:40 Five Modes of Adaptation
  • 3:02 Examples of Retreatism
  • 4:11 Leson Summary
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Ryan Hultzman
In this lesson, we will explore the idea of retreatism and how it can lead people to abandon social norms and withdraw from mainstream society. Then you can test your new knowledge with a fun quiz!

What Is Retreatism?

Evan is a senior in college studying psychology. He hopes to help mentally unstable people some day. On his way to class, he notices that a crowd has gathered in the quad. As he gets closer to the group, he can hear Preacher Bob talking about some conspiracy theory. Evan can't help but chuckle. Preacher Bob is one of the well-known homeless guys who hangs around campus. A lot of people think he is annoying, and some students claim that he is on drugs. Evan thinks he is intriguing. He met him one night while waiting for the bus. Turns out Preacher Bob wanted to be a lawyer at one point, before he realized he didn't want to be part of 'the system,' as he says. He dropped out of school and disassociated himself from his family soon after that. He now lives on the streets, actively denouncing the American Dream and lecturing on the dangers of chasing it to anyone who will listen.

In this story, we have two people living very different lives. Evan is a college student following a very traditional path in American society. He is completing his college education in the hopes of obtaining a fulfilling career afterward. Preacher Bob is the opposite of Evan. He has withdrawn from society and does not participate in trying to achieve the same goals. Preacher Bob's lifestyle is best described as retreatism, a concept that describes a person renouncing society's traditional ideas of success and the ways of achieving it by withdrawing from the community.

Five Modes of Adaptation

The term retreatism belongs to a larger classification model used to distinguish how individuals adapt to cultural norms and values. This model was created by sociologist Robert K. Merton. Merton was interested in deviance, or the act of breaking social norms. At that point in history, Merton believed that the United States was not presenting society with the correct means for everyone to achieve success. As a result, this left some people feeling constrained, and they often turned to nontraditional methods to obtain these social values. It was from this idea that Merton developed the five modes of adaptation. This model purposed five different ways that a person could either accept or reject social goals. These methods include:

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