Revolution Definition: Lesson for Kids

Instructor: Andrea Miller

Andrea is currently a social studies middle school teacher in Ohio. She has a BA in history as well as a MEd in education. She has taught workshops including OGT Success and Writing for Life. Andrea has also been a middle school debate team coach for several years.

You say you want a revolution? What does that actually mean? In this lesson you will learn the definition of the term revolution, as well as some instances when a revolution changed the world.

What Is a Revolution?

Did you ever wish you could change the rules in your household? Have you ever felt like the rulers were unfair to you? Well, the rules of your household can be very similar to the government of a country. A government is an establishment that is meant to provide order for an independent nation. The government makes sure the country is run properly. For example, a government typically controls law enforcement, public schools, and lawmaking.

Usually a government is in place to ensure that the people living in that country have the resources they need to live a happy life. However, the government and the people living under it do not always agree. Sometimes people are unhappy with the way their government is running their country.

The Political Change

Sometimes, when people want to change their government they conduct a revolution. In a revolution, a large number of the population rises up against their government and demands change. In some revolutions, the people of the revolution are attempting to change the way the government is making decisions. In other revolutions the people of the revolution want to remove the government entirely and replace it with something different.

Revolutions that cause change in the government are a huge part of human history, not only in the days long past, but also in the recent years. In the case of our own country, the American Revolution freed us from the harsh rule of the English. The American colonists wanted to try a new government called democracy, so they fought against the English to break away from the king. More recently, revolutions have been breaking out across the Middle Eastern region in an attempt to weaken the old fashioned tyrannical regimes in the area. In a tyranny, one person controls most of the government and runs it according to their wants, not the welfare of the people.

Americans marching for freedom in the American Revolution

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